Out of all of your group, your probably the most sensible one, therefore your now in charge of creating an epic Thailand Bachelor Party for your crew. Whether that is good or bad news to you, is yet to be seens but right now your wolfpack is counting on you to deliver the bes Bachelor Party in Thailand EVER!
Whether you decide on a Bangkok Bachelors, Phuket Stag or a Pattaya Bucks Party your primary mission is to mastermind a Bachelor party that’s free of logistical complications, stress, and drama.

You know your mate / Groom; this why you are the Best Man! This is where you may find conflicting advise but we at BB Experience always advise to focus on the Bachelors wants and desires rather than trying to cater for the entire group. Its the Grooms right of passage so let this be all about him.

Now lets move onto the 7 deadly sins of Thailand Bachelor Party Planning!

1. Lust

You have all heard the hedonistic tales from your mates and theres a reason why they call it BANG – kok! But do not make it all about the Go Go bars. Many groups want to book a Go Go Bar Crawl to end all Bar Crawls yet we have found over the years that 2 hours to visit 3 Go Go Bars is the optimum enjoyment duration.

2. Sloth

It’s so easy to stay in bed all day after a crazy night out , but your in THAILAND. However hard it seems wake up at a decent time, hydrate, enjoy a hangover IV drop and freshen up. Even if you end up lazing by the pool with a bunch of BB Party Models or going for nuru massages; anything is better to maximize your time.

3. Gluttony

Thai cuisine has to be one of the best in the world and fortunately this makes most of Thailand a sensory overload. With every street and sidewalk packed with food vendors you are never too far away from an amazing meal to line the stomach for the next party.

If you are searching for a Bachelor Party dining then definatly check out the BB Sushi Model Experience for an awesome no hands diining option.

4. Greed

Thailand used to be one of the cheapest places ever to party at, but times are changing. Typical Western style nightlife venues in Thailand will cost the equivalent of partying in Europe for example. For this reason do not over indgule on your first night and budget accordingly.

5. Wrath

The wrath, is what you will feel from your mates if you do not have everything properly prepared. BB always  advices to use a professional Bachelor Party Planner.For something this important you require the absolute best!  No Exception! Alot of Thailand Bachelor Party planners claim they are the best yet have no social proof to back it up. Some questions to ask such companies

  1. BB Experiences has been featured in GQ, have they been featured in any global luxury magazines.
  2. BB has created events for VVIP’s such as Billionaires Robin Arora and Calvin Ayre. Do they have any proof of organizing events for such VIP’s?  https://calvinayre.com/2018/05/09/bitcoin/party-like-rock-star-bitcoin-sv-round-two/
  3. BB’s largest event budget to date was $1.2M USD over days, what was their largest booking?
  4. BB has branded video content of superyachts, Mansions / Villas and much more, what can their company show you that isn’t unbranded stock imagery or stolen content?

6. Pride

BB takes pride in making you look good. Life is tough and we believe the organizer should enjoy the Bachelor Party as much as everyone else stress free!

7. Envy

Men are typically not the best for planning ahead but to make this Bachelor Partyt perfect and get those uninvited envious you really have to do your research. The internet has been manipulated and there are many fake reviews and outdated information. It is always best to use a local expert in such cases.