Bachelor Party Planning, BB Experiences I Thailand

Hi Guys, as we now enter 2020 and BB takes a look back at over 9 years in this industry, we find it only fitting that we start the year off with our expert advice. The internet like most media is becoming full of fake news, fake reviews and now fake tips and advice and now this has entered into my industry.

At BB we see a Bachelors Party as a right of passage and one of possible top 5 moments in a guys life, therefore we take offence where those that have no idea about the industry hire content writers to create mass bullshit articles purely for SEO purposes.

The short documentary ‘The Shed at Dulwich’ exposed how fake reviews are being created with supposedly reputable and popular go-to review sites such as Tripadvisor. Now I will begin to expose those that create shitty content that misinforms my fellow man with garbage advice just so they can get website views and rank their site.

Likewise, we shall shame those that are promoting businesses lame companies with ‘best bachelor party activity’ or ’10 top things to do for a Bachelors’ article format to disguise the fact that it’s a paid-for post or they are trying to appease their sponsors. At BB we treat your Bachelors, Bucks or Stag as important as the wedding day itself and whether you book with us or go it alone we want to ensure you have the best advice available so you can make an informed decision.

Bachelor Party Planning, BB Experiences I Thailand

Not only is my company the pioneer of the industry in Thailand and parts of Asia, but I am also without a shadow of a doubt the most experienced person within this industry globally and you can read my story and background here.

So let’s get to it if you have any questions regarding a Bachelor, Stag or Bucks that I do not cover then feel free to use the contact form and drop us a message and one or my team or I will give you real professional advice.


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