Phuket Yacht Party

Climb aboard and enjoy the luxury of your very own DJ and MC to set the party mood for your Phuket yacht party along with a team of stunning BB Party Models.

Your Phuket Bachelors party will be amazed by BB's epic Phuket yacht parties, led by your BB Hostess and her BB party girls through a day of drinking games, partying, dancing on-board your vessel for the day.

The booze will be flowing to ensure you and your bucks stay well-hydrated in the scorching Thai sunshine, this is the perfect way to see the true beauty whilst on your Phuket bachelors party.

Whether you’re hard-out partying on deck with your crew, relaxing on a comfy lounger in the warm sun with a cold one or diving into the turquoise waters for a soothing cool-off, we’re confident you’ll have found your calling by the end of this Stag boat party in Phuket.

This was what you were born to do!

Our Bachelor yacht parties are awesome BB party packages and the blowout to end all blowouts–whether you opt for a modest catamaran or splurge on one of BB's super yachts,  your Bucks group will be talking about this event for years to come!